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Sailor Moon - Ferocity [WIP - PT2]
The next couple of days proved peaceful and un-eventful, with things seemingly as normal as they can possibly be. Freddie began to settle in and get himself organised before he enrolled at the University Campus, although none of the others apart from Ami knew exactly what he was planning to do. The girls was busy with school, in particular with major exams coming up and Chiba-Usa was training herself most days, either with etiquette training with Luna and Artemis, or weapons training with Mamoru, Hotaru and Setsuna.
Rei however was struggling with the foreshadowing events that were forming in her mind. Ever since she clocked her eyes on Freddie’s golden pupils, something had been nagging her and she had spent a lot of her none school-hours in the temple. Her grandfather kept an eye on her with Yuichiro. The look of concern was etched on both of their faces. One particular morning they was busy cleaning the temple as Rei sat meditating in the main room. Freddie stood at the bottom
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Sailor Moon - Ferocity [WIP - PT1]
"Wait! No one may cross the Taboo of this barrier whilst I protect this door," cried out the voice, as the young man, his brown hair covered his eyes in front of his face as he approached the door. His silvered trench coat flapping at his feet as he took each step, and he looked up. "... Sorry," he mumbled. The warrior put her weapon in front of him, "I will kill anyone who tries to force their way past." She wavered, recognising the man, as he looked up at her, his eyes shining with fresh tears, lighting his face up as he looked on her dark green hair. A quick flick of his wrist, and his crystal edged "gunblade" cut the large key shaped staff in two. "Puu... move, I'm going to see mum." His words, echoed around the empty space, as the time door slowly creaked open. The man took one step in, and disappeared from her sight. Shocked, Sailor Pluto stood there, as the door closed behind him. "Prince... "
Back in the past, on the Moon Kingdom, the young prince stood at the old destroyed fou
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Darts July 2011 by Ravenos Darts July 2011 :iconravenos:Ravenos 0 1
PID - Dan - 019
The pair stood back to back on the shadowy pier,
White hair brushed against blue in the shallow wind,
Water crashed against the rocks below as the ferries left the harbour,
The silence continued for a moment, and then no longer.
"So, that's that then?" he croaked as his heart broken in-two,
Without a word, she nodded, pausing as she took her step,
Hearing his fingers crack as he struggled for control,
Remorseless eyes stared at the cruise vessel afloat beyond--
Not as much as a thought of regret.
His pale gold eyes glistened in the water of fresh tears,
Her blood red ones just blinked as she waited,
"So after months of nothing, it's over?"
"Didn't get the message I never stated?"
He blinked once and turned around to look at the Daemon,
His hand shaking as he reached for her shoulder,
As she swept it away without as much a glance,
Wanting to wait for him to react no longer.
"Don't want to reach for me do you?
I mean nothing to you?
The little things give you away."
Emotion had paralyzed
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July 2011 by Ravenos July 2011 :iconravenos:Ravenos 0 1
PID - Fer - 019
In the distant realms of hell's of the night,
The young imprisoned Prince considered his plight,
Emotionally scarred, physically battered and torn,
He remembered all he had known and lost--
With the flicker of flame in his cage's path,
Hanging restlessly from the dank castle walls,
Ferocity realised his past, and for it he began to mourn.
As he lay his weary head down on the hard, cold metal grate,
His eyes drooped closed, before he began to contemplate his fate,
In the land of dreams he saw the reflection of his oldest, dearest friend.
Princess Kakyuu stood over his listless body, red hair flailing,
As she worriedly attempted to awaken him,
"Time to wake now, Lord Prince,
This is not the time for you to give in--,
Your dogged spirit will finally let your heart mend."
He opened his eyes and scanned the room,
Although he was still dreaming, he was looking at the flowers in bloom,
As they stood at a sombre rock that represented his tomb,
He cracked his knuckles and laughed to himself,
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Ferocity - ODF - TDH Tracks
The smell of the liquid filled his lungs,
As he opened the bottle infront of him from the floor.
Clear intoxication, the stuff to push the daemons away,
The strength of the memory dulling and beginning to bore.
His hands around her neck in pure rage, untainted,
Unbiased, nothing controlling, defiling his heart.
It was his hands, his actions, his anger that drove him to lash out,
The past had built up in his head, the end was just the start.
"Was it better when you tossed and turned,
On his undercover mattress,
Did it feel so good, oh it felt so good.
I don't what I'd do if you lost sleep over little old me,
It's so much better, we're all much better,
Take off your sweater,
Your shoes and shirt,
And get to work."
The vivid lacerations of his temper filtered his mind,
Every swing and clench as she tried to hide herself away,
His broken heart cried vengence in every breath he'd take,
Borderline psychopathic bloodlust, a bull to the rag he'd stay,
Until his thrist for equality was sated.
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PID - Jup - 20
The torn figure of the Prince watches over the rising moon,
Reflecting on past deeds and broken promises,
His tattered, blood stained wings feel so heavy to him,
A burden of shattered dreams from his awaking nightmares.
Nothing but the past, for past sake floats through his thoughts,
The cold, dismal damp air flutters through his feathers,
The soft, drizzling rain soaks his face and thinning blue hair,
As his pale gold eyes reflect the light from the dancing orb in the sky.
Whilst the moon ducks and weaves with the lingering clouds above,
The broken figure of Ferocity makes no sounds but a low, miserable breathing.
The images of actions lost to the winds, fates that still might become reality,
Realities that denounce themselves as his brand new fate—
The selfish notion of why these things must happen around "me".
Ferocity sits there, ignoring the gentle rustle of the trees,
His mind fixating on the point that turned the tide against him,
The battle for his soul lost in a maelstrom
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PID - Nep - 005
You should know of the night when the spark reappeared,
Could it be that the former lovers would finally burn the world?
Of course, where the Prince is concerned, love is not needed for that, as he had--
Been tainted by the possession of his soul for an age, and he would behold
All of Nakafi's dark fire grating away at his fragile heart,
I don't even know where his thoughts began, but I know this wasn't what he
Wanted, nay it was the feeling of power that was tearing him apart
But tonight he stood on a packed stage, guitar in hand, screaming words
You never felt such force, or such emotion in one person's voice.
Wasn't anything cliché or anything manufactured,
Honest emotion in heart felt song, with friends to support him in his choice,
Now shredding his way through the rift, wings spread aloft
Get the feeling he's got a message for someone, somewhere
In darkened stage lights, and pyrotechnical displays of angst.
The notion of ill feeling sank in his heart as he sang into the--
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PID - Nep - 020
He sits in a corner, a loran figure, his wings stretched against the walls,
Head drooped down on his knees as he sleeps off the Sambuca,
Four empty bottles from four days of drinking scattered around the house's halls,
Once the proud Prince of the Moon, nothing more than an addict on a bender.
If you just walked away
What could I really say
Would it matter anyway
Would it change how you feel
The Outer Scouts sat around his house watching him,
The timid figure of Saturn, scared from her previous meeting with her liege,
Our rather the fiery Monster that resides inside of his heart,
Pluto who was worried the reels of time were on course to become under siege.
Then there was Uranus and Neptune, the ties that could never be left behind,
In all his hate and malice, they still stuck up for him,
Neptune leant down by him as he mumbled for the umpteenth time,
"I'm sorry," but she smiled and wiped the dried blood and tears from his face and eyes—
Uranus, more in jealous concern, yet, abidin
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PID - Jup - 016
The party began thier hoilday more in worry and mourn,
Having arrived on the shores of the UK in the early dawn,
Searching for the missing Prince who for 3 months had dissapeared--
Not at all the norm,
The faint fear of dread in them as they searched through England's "lawn."
They began thier search in his old hometown since rebirth,
A place where he had spent much of his early battles, in joy and mirth,
But in sorrow and such sadness, with friends buried underneath the earth,
The life and lines of his tale began from the specks of his very turf.
As Neptune began to look out to the English Channel, the nearest sea,
The town and surronding villiages was search by the rest of the party,
Uranus looked in the ruins of the castle close to where the Prince had heard his prophecy,
And Jupiter sat in the graveyard looking at the grave of his best friend, with such gravity.
The days searching been done,
No sign of him they had found in the town,
They retired themselves into the hotels room dott
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PID - Nep - 006
As the panic button in his mind sets to loom it's whirring signal,
The "beloved" Prince chases his daemons away in the glass he calls home,
It's slowly become his home from home,  his peace,
Where he can shut up the voices of those manifestations that roam.
The toxic smell of the aniseed based drink fills his noise once again,
Filtering everything else important out, he sinks into the blessed bottle.
Mixed with that trade-mark drink so special, so, important,
Drug and former drug extract mix in a potent destruction to wrap his mind--
Smacking his lips in this dirty little bar, he takes his next sip as the people around him chat and savour their's,
His ideal is, right now to drink a copious amount of liquid so he can forget,
They want a good time, at anyone's expense.
A potent mix for a fire indeed, destruction sort sense,
One false word mis-heard, and the whole bar will burn and repent.
As the voices in the Prince's head grew stronger, wanting more power,
More control on his
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PID - Jup - 004
The smell of the damp ground fills his nose as he rose,
The dark slumber of the tortured soul ends abruptly.
The whispering winds sing the mournful cry of battle to him,
The time to strike his blade again begins shortly.
Thunder's daughter ties her hair into a knot before her bath,
The sting of the water as her body cackles with energy in it
Silently the fears in her heart grew as the shadows emerged,
Her hand began to stoke the electrical conduit.
Inside she recalled the first meeting with the fabled chief,
The general with the eyes blood red,
Normally, her head is turned so easily by grace,
But those eyes left her heart dead.
Not out of fear or out of hate, but dead without him near,
This time it felt to her like no other before,
That fabled senior that broke her heart was a distant past,
Yet, the Prince's face was like his before.
Fated fable, casual con,
Intertiwned paths, and the journey there on,
Venus eluded the Prince to this notion before,
As she watched her best friend tumble
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PID - Dan - 020
The scarred rememants of his heart collide,
Fighting a war between his birth right and his pride,
Silvery sweeping arcs,
Dispersed with glittering gold flashes in his eyes,
This is the way Ferocity will finally decide.
White hair flowing against her blood red gown,
Menacing beauty worn together with that seductress' frown,
The hands that caress her blades before they leave thier sting,
Oh how the thrill of battle makes her heart sing.
Queen of her clan, alone before she let that Prince in,
Now it's death she will restart dealing in.
The third piece in this puzzle was the jealous type,
Although she got what she wanted once, and caused the Prince much strife.
Light footsteps upon her favoured turf,
Time to rebel against her monarch, time to deal the hurt.
Equipped with the sword from her heart so pure,
She'd leave a wound on him that he wouldn't endure.
Calling him out, and raging across town,
Ferocity knew in his heart that something big was about to go down.
Steadying himself, bracing
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PID - Naka - 011
The church bells ring out in the streets of the capital,
Falling blossoms cover the steps leading to the church,
Lying in wait, the daemonic blood red eyes of the "fallen prince,"
His loyal follower, resting graceful hand along his chest,
For him she'll bath in blood,
Her plans to splinter the mind of the fractured vessel further,
For the rebirth of her king in his own flesh and blood,
To damn the Lunar Kingdom's last children to the dark,
The savouring of this moment in the peaceful midday sun,
Unspoken dreams of ruling this land with the Valentine could soon be her bliss,
But the one thing she longed for, her master's loving kiss,
His past and heart was entwined in the fate of the Black Angel.
Or was this the end of the legacy, the fated fable?
The soft gown of the Lunar Princess shone and shimmers,
Her smile as she began her ascent to the chapel,
In the daylight, her tiara became to glimmer,
This was to be her day, and the start of her people's new era,
Yet what was this sense of tr
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Teddy Stash. by Ravenos Teddy Stash. :iconravenos:Ravenos 2 1



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