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Have you felt the autumn breeze on your face, but never seen the sunlight come out as you did?
It must be lonely there.. waiting in the dark of your caern.
No way to tell what moon it is tonight, as you cannot join your brothers and sisters in the night
Or see the sun shine over Gaia's world

Have you ever felt the cold chill of winters bitter wind, but never seen the bright whiteness that is it's blanket of snow
Freezing your cousins into there secert slumber amongst the tribes of men
Leaving you to feel nothing but alone?

Have you heard the birdsong at the start of spring? But never seen the innocence of a new born lamb,
Or the new life given by our mistress over this fragile and unstable land
Before its corruption by the minds of men
Or distorted for the use of the kindred and its fellow kind?

Have you felt the blistering warmth of summer, but never witnessed the tide on the beach as the people play in the soft sand?

Have you never seen the passage of seaons come and go, on this piece of masterpiece created by Gaia's right hand?

And yet, you are destinted to later walk it, and protect it for her.
The humans will call you monster
The kindred will taint and corrupt

But still the seasons will come and go
And you will protect them

From lupis to hispo
From hispo to crinos
From crinos to glabo
From glabo to homid

This are dealings of your Garou fate
Maybe you too shall one day be including in The Silver Record?
My Gaia smile down on you my child.
For i shall never shall
This has a lot of White Wolf refferences to its Werewolf The Apocalypse system and its names for the various races, Garou being Werewolf, or the offical name they call themself
Kindred being the name of Vampires
and well, Humans being Humans natrually

I just felt inspiried by the game and by the falling leaves from all the trees in preston recently.
It is a wonderful time of year desu ne?
Throntre Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Student Writer
I love the images that you present in this piece and the mood that is created by them. It has a very somber, yet lovely, feeling to it (which is reinforced by that somewhat jarring last line.)

Great job and thanks for sharing!
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November 4, 2007
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